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Services & Software for Retailers & Suppliers

We tackle things such as Vendor Managed Inventory and Replenishment, Mobile POS Reporting and Inventory Management, and many more Business Solutions on the web.

Our customers choose between Full and Part Time Services provided by InStock Analysts or take advantage of our web/cloud based SaaS (software as a service) options. Either choice will provide your Teams the tools and assistance they need to outperform past results. Just as important, it also ensures your company is using the latest and best technologies to compete in your marketplace.

As we like to say; "Business as Usual... Will Get You The Usual Business". We want you to have much more than your "Usual" business. Let us help you make progress toward all your company's goals!

Automated or manual ordering, Dijji Restock will guide any user toward efficient and accurate orders while also giving industry veterans a product that is worthy of their skill set and knowledge. This is the tool you want to drive sales!

Read more about DijjiRestock is a unique and valuable tool for anyone whose business is impacted by weather. Forecasts, fiscal comp day data, past historical weather and averages reports. It's all there and it couldn't be easier to use!

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Can you say for sure that you are completely satisfied with your POS reporting access and capabilities? You should take a look at DijjiReport™ even if you think so. DijjiReport™ delivers immediate results for it's users!

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